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Triple9 Media Online

We’ve been working with leading brands on a long-term relationship basis. Our client list includes LH Bank, Centara Group, Lotte, Sabrina, Lolane, TOA, Smart, Heart, Sukishi and more. We founded in April 2009, Triple9 Media Online has since grown to a seasoned team with deep expertise in all aspects of digital marketing. We are imaginative,collaborative,and result driven.

Get The Most Out Of Your Digital Marketing

We make organizing, filtering and scoping pro bono requests easy through an annual CreateAthon event. Not only will your marketing team be energized by using their valuable skills to support social endeavors; the culture of your organization will benefit as a whole.



Triple9 Media Online has extensive experience providing digital strategy consultation to clients in a diverse range of industries. We work together with you to construct a roadmap to ensure success in your online corporate initiatives.


Our cutting-edge consulting service encompasses digital strategic planning, competitive landscape & industry analysis, consumer insights, performance analysis, UX design, and database schematic design to optimize business growth.


Triple9 Media Online provides top-of-the-range services with fully integrated tailored online solutions to ensure your success in the highly competitive world of modern business.

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Triple9 Media Online provides its clients with effective digital marketing services such as online media planning and strategies, buying, search/SEO, social media strategy, content strategy, email marketing and online campaigns.


Online campaign strategy, media strategy, and execution are key factors for success. A series of online campaigns is planned by experienced online specialists to ensure our clients\’ KPI targets are reached.


Online creatives are innovatively designed to ensure a compelling brand experience and tied in with an e-marketing strategy in order to maximize brand favorability, purchase intent, sales leads.

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Triple9 Media Online provides innovative design that enhance your brand experience to consumer such as; website, campaign micro site, facebook application, mobile application


Our interactive design is enhanced by optimized HTML5, .net, PHP, and Java programming coupled with meticulously tested widget and web services.


Our experienced project management team coordinates everything with utmost proficiency quality

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